Cleanings & Prevention

First Visit - Initial Oral Examination

Your first visit at Corning Dental Associates will be a time for you and the dentist to discuss your overall health as it applies to your oral health. The dentist will visually examine your teeth and x-rays. He/She will provide a comprehensive review of your oral health and develop a treatment plan.

A dental cleaning will be scheduled at a subsequent appointment based on the dentist’s examination. Please fill out our New Patient Form and bring it with you to your initial appointment.  If you have x-rays from a previous dentist, please use the X-Ray Release Form to obtain these x-rays and have them sent to our office prior to your initial appointment. If you do not have current x-rays, a full mouth series of x-rays will be taken.

This initial visit is a time for you to discuss your concerns and wishes for your oral health.  We want you to become comfortable with our office and wonderful staff. The doctors and staff look forward to meeting you at your first visit.



Digital Radiography (X-rays)

Our office provides digital radiographs or xrays for diagnosing oral health disease. The digital form of radiographs provides excellent diagnostic imaging at a very low radiation level.


Periodontal Maintenance

Depending on your oral health, we will recommend the appropriate treatment for your dental cleaning.  The appointment involves a review of your oral hygiene and diet, an extraoral and intraoral exam, blood pressure screening, oral cancer exam, removal of plaque and polish. The dentist will also provide an exam at each cleaning appointment. Our hygienists are dedicated to providing you with the best oral and periodontal health.



A sealant is a material that is placed over the grooves on the biting surface of your molars. Sealants can be placed on children and adults. The grooves on molars can be very deep and difficult to keep clean which leads to cavities. A sealant provides a surface that is easier to clean and helps prevent cavities.