Extractions & Root Canals

Tooth Extractions

Our dentists will extract teeth in our office. The dentist will clinically and radiographically examine your tooth. If a tooth extraction is recommended, the dentist will then determine based on his/her exam, your medical history, and future treatment planned, if your tooth can be extracted in our office or if it would be best for you to see an Oral Surgeon. If a visit with an Oral Surgeon is recommended, we will schedule that appointment for you and send a copy of treatment needed and xrays taken. We pride ourselves on having a close relationship with our local Oral Surgeons to help provide our patients with the best care and experience possible.


Root Canal [Endodontic]

A root canal is a procedure used to remove infected or damaged nerves from the roots of a tooth. The first visit involves removing the nerve tissue. The second visit allows a material to be placed in the roots to prevent re-infection. A root canal allows the tooth to be saved without being extracted. A permanent filling (post and core) and crown is usually recommended to be placed on the tooth following a root canal to prevent future fracture of the tooth.